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ceremony audio

Have you ever attended a wedding ceremony as a guest, and not heard a single word that was being said? I can tell you that this is a fairly common problem, even more so at larger weddings, and especially outdoor ceremonies. This does not have to be the case at your wedding. Discreet, wireless microphone solutions can be used to ensure that all your guests clearly hear every single word being said when you take your vows. Another consideration to keep in mind when planning your ceremony, is the music that will be used, and the quality of the audio.

If your ceremony is being held in a place or worship, traditional organ music may be the only option available. An in house sound system may be available, but who will be responsible for cuing the songs at the correct time? Is the system in good working order? Does it sound good? Are you considering using any live musicians, or maybe a vocalist? In both of these cases sound reinforcement may be a consideration. Is your ceremony going to be held outdoors? Maybe you are considering using a “boom box” and an ”iPod”…this is definitely a risky scenario.

As you can see there are many things to think about when considering the audio needs of a wedding ceremony. It is highly recommended to use a professional and put your mind at ease when you are taking your “once in a life time vows” in front of all your family and friends.

I have outlined below what is included in our ceremony audio package.

  • direction and planning of all your music selections to be used including guest arrival background selections / processional / recessional / unity candle / signing registry / other
  • site inspection to check out logistics of the ceremony location
  • supply of a professional audio system
  • sound technician to operate system and cue music selections
  • wireless lapel microphones for officiant and groom (not necessary for bride)
  • wireless handheld microphone for vocalist (if needed)
  • necessary sound reinforcement for live musicians (if needed)
  • attendance at wedding rehearsal (dependent on date availability)

master of ceremonies

The Master of Ceremonies aka The MC, is an integral party of a formal wedding reception. The Master of Ceremonies, along with the dj, will be responsible for ensuring everything happens in a timely manner, and moves along smoothly. The Master of Ceremonies will be “representing” you so it is imperative you choose somebody that is experienced at public speaking and is very organized. Some couples ask a good friend or relative to take on the role, and other couples hire my services.

I provide a light hearted approach to the role. I am not a comedian, but I do like to mix in a little fun and light humour. Your announcements will be clearly articulated, and the reception will flow along in a timely manner. Rest assured my approach will be tasteful and entirely professional.

A fair bit of prep work is required, but with proper planning, and a little bit of good luck, the reception should go off without a hitch!

Some of the duties of the Master of Ceremonies include . . .

  • keeping things on schedule
  • welcoming guests
  • announcing dinner
  • introductions of family members and special guests
  • inviting speakers to the podium for speeches
  • reading emails, letters and telegrams from absentee guests
  • working in unison with the caterer and other vendors

architectural lighting

Transform your reception hall from “mediocre” to “spectacular” with the use of LED up lighting.

A more accurate description for up lighting might be “lightscaping” as it is very similar to landscaping in the sense that it will literally transform your venue the way landscaping transforms your yard. With the advancement of LED lighting fixtures in recent years, lightscaping has become hugely popular due to the versatility of the fixtures themselves. Firstly, you are able program them to create any colour in the spectrum you desire.

This is especially useful when you have a colour theme you desire for your wedding reception. Secondly, when the dancing portion of your reception begins, the lighting can be programmed to automatically pick up the beats of the music and literally make the walls of the reception hall “come alive” with a pulsating display of ever changing shades of colour. It truly is a spectacular effect!

Up lighting can also be used to create a brilliant wash of colour behind your head table, or even under your head table. The fixtures can be used in a variety of creative ways, including highlighting your wedding cake with a crisp white light.

Upon visiting your reception venue, we will discuss and design a “lightscape” to satisfy your vision and personal tastes.

optional dance floor lighting

If you really want to enhance the vibe on your dance floor, consider adding dance floor lighting. The options are literally endless. Our basic ambiance LED lighting is included with all weddings, however we are able to take it to a whole other level similar to what you might find in a dance club, or anything in between. I encourage you to visit our shop for a demo and choose a lighting system that suits your needs. I do not offer pre priced packages for the simple reason that we have far too many fixtures to choose from. I prefer to work with you and create a package based on your needs and budget.

projector and screen for video montages

projector and screen for video montages

A popular trend at many receptions is to show a video montage of your time “growing up”, dating, engagement pictures and special moments in your courtship. These types of presentations are usually put to a soundtrack of special songs you would choose to add some impact value.

We will provide a 5’x7’ front projection screen and LCD projector. Our fee includes set up and tear down of the system. In this scenario you would provide the laptop and the presentation completed. The playback audio would be heard through our sound system.

We now also offer production of video montages. You provide all the digital images (we recommend a maximum of 120 images) and your song selections (3 recommended) and we do the rest! In addition to the screen and projector, we will also provide the laptop playback system.

monogram projection

Monogram projection really adds to the “wow” factor of your wedding reception. Imagine your names or initials in lights as you and your guests enter the reception hall. The monogram is a brilliant edition to your first dance when projected onto the dance floor. When the open dancing begins we can move the monogram onto a wall to shine for the remainder of the evening.