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technical stuff


Weddings are all about elegance. Countless hours are spent picking out the ideal reception hall, the perfect gown, bridesmaids’ dresses, groomsmen attire, flowers, centre pieces, tablecloths, wedding bands…the list goes on and on. Imagine entering your beautiful reception hall on your wedding day to find that the disc jockey company you hired may not have the same high standards in terms of décor as yourself. An orange extension cable taped down with silver duct tape is the first thing that grabs your attention.

The lack of a skirt on the disc jockey’s table reveals an unsightly mess of equipment cables and road cases and/or boxes stored underneath. This is like having a white carpet in your home with a red wine stain smack dab in the middle of it.

I feel very strongly that presentation is equally as important as the quality of the equipment itself. A table skirt is a big improvement over nothing whatsoever, but ideally if the gear is out of sight altogether, your reception hall will look that much better. My table is completely hidden from view by an attractive front board that I am able to uplight from behind to create ambience in the room. I only use black power and speaker cables and they are always neatly and safely taped down with black tape. I always try to place my speakers far enough away from the head table so that they do not show up in all your pictures.


As a disc jockey, you can have the best equipment money can buy, but at the end of the day, it can still fail. In my 22 years as a mobile disc jockey I can not recall ever having a crucial component of my system fail in the middle of an event, but I can tell you I am well aware that it could happen. I suppose I create my own good luck by using top of the line gear, keeping my equipment up to date, and performing regular maintenance

What if one of your guests accidentally spills a drink into the computer or mixing board while making a request? For this reason I always have a second computer hooked up and ready to go at the strike of the keypad. I also have a third computer on site “just in case”. I also have three mixing boards available, “just in case”. Multiple wireless microphone systems, extra speakers, countless back up cables, and every imaginable configuration of gear will allow me to patch in a small trio or soloist if you were to decide to have live music as well. Rest assured I have all the angles covered.

creating atmosphere with effect lighting

You may choose not to have any lighting at your wedding reception, or you may choose to have me create an atmosphere similar to that of a dance club. I offer many options for lighting and I will work with you to create the desired atmosphere that reflects your personality.

A number of visual effects are available for your grand entrance. You may wish to enter your reception hall like a rock star, under the light of a follow spot. (Vegas style). Imagine the pictures when you share your first dance on a low lying white cloud.

A popular trend these days is the use of “architectural lighting” also known as “uplighting”. I am able to co ordinate a lighting scheme to match your colour scheme. When the dinner portion of the reception is over and it is time to start the party, I can program all of the uplighting to “pulsate” to the beat of the music being played. This system is absolutely stunning.

equipment brands

Most of my clients have absolutely no interest and no knowledge about the brands of equipment I bring to their wedding receptions. If you fit into that category, I can tell you that I use only reliable, professional grade, sound and lighting equipment. If you have some knowledge in this area, here is a partial list of my line up.

  • EV speakers (Electro Voice)
  • Denon Controlers
  • Dynachord mixers
  • QSC amplification
  • ASUS computer systems
  • Shure wireless microphones
  • Martin, American DJ & Chauvet lighting
  • Furman power