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creating your vision

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The very first question I will ask you when we sit down to talk about your wedding entertainment needs will be “tell me how you envision your wedding day”?

Until the answer to that question is established, how can we even begin to plan a unique and memorable wedding reception that will be everything you ever dreamed of? The short answer is “we can’t”. Once your vision is established, the foundational work can begin, and your vision will become a reality when your wedding day finally arrives.

Incorporate your unique tastes, let your individual personalities shine, and above all, plan to have fun!

The purpose of our initial meeting will be to establish whether or not we are a good fit for each other. I guess the best way to describe it would be a “discovery session”. I will listen to your ideas and needs to determine if I can deliver the goods. I will answer your questions and concerns so you will be able to make an informed decision on whether I have what it takes to make your wedding day a big success!

Upon securing my services, we will plan a second meeting which will ideally happen at least 2 months prior to your wedding day. The purpose of this meeting is to begin the process of creating a unique and fun event that will be a “one of a kind” affair. We will discuss possible ideas for your grand entrance, wedding party introductions, first dance, parent dances, centre piece give away, bouquet and garter tosses, as well as the pacing and timing of the reception.

I highly recommend that we make a joint appointment with the banquet hall facilitator for a site inspection. The set up of the reception hall is of utmost importance to ensure an ideal party atmosphere. For example, an oversized dance floor area can have a profound negative effect on the amount of dancing. A bar placed in the foyer, or in a separate room from the dance floor, will certainly divide up the party. A poorly placed dj area can result in having the music too loud where the guests are seated as opposed to on the dance floor. If you are planning on using up lighting to create atmosphere, where will the fixtures be placed? Are there sufficient power plugs in the dj area to accommodate the sound system and possibly a light show if desired?

I prefer to meet again approximately 2 weeks prior to your reception. This meeting will be used to finalize all the little details, and to make the final arrangements. You will receive a final “confidence call” from me 2-3 days prior to the wedding just to double check if any last minute adjustments need to be made. I am always readily accessible by telephone, email, and of course facebook.

I realize this all sounds like an awful lot of time spent on meetings and preparation for your wedding reception. I can not stress how important all this planning is. If you truly want to create the reception of your dreams, you will need to put in the time, and plan. I know first hand that if you fail to plan…then plan to fail. Together we can make your vision, a reality.